Dee Reategui

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Dee Reategui’s journey into the beauty industry happened by “accident” at the young age of 15. On the first day of high school, she rushed to see her class schedule but she was mistakenly enrolled in a cosmetology elective class. Little did she know back then that this mistake would shape her future.

Dee’s dedication to the cosmetology industry led her to many achievements at such a young age. She competed in regional & national nail and hair competitions, winning over 6 titles throughout high school and young adult life. She knew immediately at that point that this was her passion.

At 17 she was offered an educator job for a renown beauty education company in South Florida and became a Master Educator and Ambassador for over 12 professional brand names. That job led to an opportunity as a teacher for beauty schools in the South Florida area where she taught full-time and found her passion for education for HAIR & NAILS.

As years went by Dee successfully completed her University degrees in Forensic Science and Nutrition Science. Although higher education was of upmost importance, the beauty industry was always an outlet for her creativity and love for education.

Dee’s background in sciences led her to realize her dream of developing a line of cosmetics, where she manufactures and creates tones for an eyebrow makeup collection tailored to her wide array of clientele. She is continuously evolving her line of brow cosmetics and will soon be offering more products.

Dee discovered microblading through Instagram, which led her to Phibrows. She noticed the majority of the best microblading work was done by Phibrows trained artists.

Several months after graduating from the prestigious Phibrows microblading course, Dee returned again to further her mastery of the craft and took the Advanced Phibrows Microblading Perfection Training course. Today, Dee is deeply involved once again in education, but this time with Phibrows Microblading Academy USA, where she often assists at the training courses, teaching new artists microblading.

Clients and followers have booked up to a year in advance and have traveled thousands of miles to visit her, because once a Browista Babe, always a Browista Babe.

After a small salon business venture turned sour in 2014, Dee decided to explore the beauty salon vision in a small salon suite on her own. After over a year of running a successful brow business and making a huge hit on social media with over 15k followers in 1 year, Dee expanded to a full salon in the summer of 2016 and now has a full Browista staff! The salon offers hair, nail, skin care, makeup, and brow services, where trending hair color & eyebrow services have become the signature beauty obsession in her Miami salon.